Update products quantities

This Parameter allows you to update quantities of the products in your order when the order is in, the "Confirmed" Step


Confirmed Step

Note this feature will only be active if your order have not been transitioned to "Picking Step" Yet

hideElements.productQuantitiesChangeAllows you to render or hide the payment status.

default: "false"
options: "false: || "true"
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>LSW v3 Embed</title>
    <div id="instaleap-lsw-v3"></div>

<script src="https://xandar-lsw-v3.instaleap.io/lib/lsw.js"></script>
    const params = {
        job: "myJob",
        token: "myToken",
        container: "#instaleap-lsw-v3",       
        hideElements: {             
            productQuantitiesChange: false