QR and Qr Help

customTexts.qrParameter to customize the text Go to the delivery area and show the QR code in View QR Code
customTexts.qrHelpParameter to customize the text Show this code to a dispatcher to receive your order in the QR modal

Usage Example

Consider the following examples:

  • QR text

  • Qr Help Text

Url example

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>LSW v3 Embed</title>
    <div id="instaleap-lsw-v3"></div>

<script src="https://xandar-lsw-v3.instaleap.io/lib/lsw.js"></script>
    const params = {
        job: "myJob",
        token: "myToken",
        container: "#instaleap-lsw-v3",
          qr: "Custom QR text",
          qrHelp: "Custom Help QR text",

You will see the following content