Step Cancel

You can change the default "Title" and "Help Text" used in the order steps by setting them via URL parameter on each step.


URL Params Encoding

Remember that we require to comply with (UTF-8) encoding when sending query params. so that if your custom name string has whitespace, you should replace it with the symbol "%20".

ie: "stepCancel=Custom title to cancel step" => stepCancel=Custom%20title%20to%20cancel%20step"

ie: "stepCancelHelp=Custom help text to cancel Help step" => stepCancelHelp=Custom%20help%20text%20to%20cancel%20step"

Specific configuration parameters

stepCancelParameter used to change the name of the Cancel step

Default: Cancelled
stepCancelHelpParameter used to change the "Help Text" of the Cancel step

Default: We cancel the order according to your request.

Usage Example

You will see the following content

Cancel Step