Live Status Widget V3.x URL Mode

Live Status Widget URL is a web app (or SPA) that you can access through an URL. The content of the page is parameterizable via query parameters in the URL.

There are two urls for each environment

For the examples we will use the test url. To place the LSW in your production environment you must use the production url

How to load it

You will access to the application by using the URL , though you will require to configure some query parameters in order to display any information

Basic parameters

JobThis is the Job number, the widget will retrieve all related information to this job
tokenThis is your unique api token that allows you to authenticate to our systems.

So you will end up with a full url whose query params seems similar to the following job=jobId&token=token

Usage Example

Consider the following component who will load the url in an iframe

function LSW() {
  const lswUrl = "";
  const urlParams = {
    job: "myJob,
    token: "myToken
  const url = `${lswUrl}/?job=${urlParams.job}&token=${urlParams.token}`;

  return (
    <div className="live-status">
      <h3>live status widget in an iframe</h3>
      <iframe src={url}></iframe>

You can also configure the url to be opened in a new tab, by using the url. job=myJob&token=myToken

Either way, your content should look like the snippet below