Order Help (HTML)

orderHelpHtmlParameter to customize the section Understand the charges for my order

Usage Example

Consider the following examples:

  • Order help (HTML)

You can customize the section by passing an html by url in the orderHelpHtml parameter. This is an example of the HTML:

<p>Total cost of the product list without counting taxes, shipping or changes</p>
<h5>Shipping fee</h5>
<p>Shipping fee set by the store</p>
<h5>Order total</h5>
<p>In case you have made any changes to your order here you will see the extra charges</p>
<h5>Total paid</h5>
<p>Value you paid when the order was placed</p>


Transform HTML

Copy the html, go to this url https://www.urlencoder.org/ and click on encode , copy the result in the parameter.

Titles should be in h5 , paragraphs in p tags and line breaks with the br tag.

URL example:


You will see the following content: