Payment info

Enables your systems to change job payment information.

This endpoint allows updating any prices, payment, or invoice data.

This information can be defined by the client and updated via API (with this endpoint and create job endpoint), Control Tower and Shopper App (Checkout Step).

Common scenarios:


This endpoint could be used instead of the endpoints update_prices, confirm_payment or payment_failed which are deprecated

  • The job prices have changed due to adjustments in the order. Once the picking is finished, your system should notify InstaLeap to refresh the totals of the order.


Automatic Shopper App Checkout

Allows customers who have cloud billing to skip the Checkout step in the Shopper App.

These clients will be able to update all the information via API with our Payment Info endpoint.

When this configuration is activated, the Shopper App automatically completes the Checkout step without the resource performing any action or entering information.

This configuration can be activated by store via support ticket.

Shopper App Blocking Policy

Allows the customer to define blocks so that the Shopper App does not allow the Checkout step to start or does not allow the order to leave the store. The client usually carries out internal processes of collections, adjustments or validations, and then lets the order continue.

To define if an order requires blocking, the “blocking_policy” parameter must be sent with this information. This parameter is inside Payment Info in the “payment” structure.

Value sent to block the order:

  • CHECKOUT: The Shopper App will not open the Checkout step.
  • EXIT_STORE: The Shopper App will not allow opening the step before the order leaves the store. The Checkout step completes normally.

Value sent to unlock the order:

  • UNBLOCKED: Value sent by the client to unlock an order that had already been blocked. A notification will arrive in the Shopper App saying that the order has been unlocked.
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