Specific configuration parameters


Hide elements value

  • Beware that as for now, values are logically inverted.
  • in order to display the element you set the string 'true', in order to hide, you set the value string 'false'.
  • Notice also that values are a string, not a boolean
hideElements.headerallows you to choose not to render the order header element of the application
default: "true"
options: "false: || "true"

Usage Example

Consider the following examples:

Hiding Header

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>LSW v3 Embed</title>
    <div id="instaleap-lsw-v3"></div>

<script src="https://xandar-lsw-v3.instaleap.io/lib/lsw.js"></script>
    const params = {
        job: "myJob",
        token: "myToken",
        container: "#instaleap-lsw-v3",       
        hideElements: {             
            header: 'false',