Intro Live Status Widget V3.x

InstaLeap Live Status Widget in which your users can perform the following actions:

  • Track the order in real-time.
  • Visualize the information related to the products ordered (found, not found, replacements).
  • Chat with live ops agents, pickers, and drivers.
  • Cancel the job (you will get a notification via webhook).
  • Track the driver location on a map

There are two modes to use it:

  • Mode Library JS: You should use library mode only when you want to integrate into a javascript frontend framework for web like Angular, React, Vue, etc or if you use HTML with Javascript Vanilla. See docs.
  • Mode URL: You should use the URL mode only when you want to integrate into a system that is not a javascript web framework like Angular, React, Vue and also not for Javascript Vanilla. URL mode should be implemented in hybrid mobile apps, native mobile apps, Software-as-a-Service etc. See docs.