Extend slot expiration time

This method allows you to extend the expiration time of the slot sent to 3 times its default amount.

Most common scenario or an integration point:

If there is a flow in which a client is allowed to extend the slot reservation time, this endpoint should be called before creating the job in the Instaleap engine. We also recommend checking the slot using the check slot endpoint before creating the job.


  • Talk to the Instaleap integrations team if you want to change the default expiry time of 15 minutes.
  • Calling this endpoint will extend the expiration time adding 3 times the standard amount. Eg: a slot that is requested at 18:45:00.000Z expires at 19:00:00.000Z (with a default expiration time of 15 minutes). After calling this endpoint, the slot will now expire at 19:45:00.000Z; 3 * 15 = 45 additional minutes after the initial request.
  • When the slot isn't valid, call Obtain fulfillment availability, notify your user, and let them select another one.
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