Position update

The 3PL will be able to update the position of the resource by executing the task in "real time" through the Position Update interaction provided by Instaleap and the receiving endpoint is of type PUT. This position will be displayed in Live Status Widget. The frequency of position reports will depend on the negotiation between the client and the 3PL and the maximum time limit between reports is 20 seconds. Below is the information that Instaleap receives:

task_idId of the task within Instaleap.
latitudeCoordinate latitude value
longitudeCoordinate length value
timestampDate and time the position was captured.

Payload example:

  "task_id": "b4e23f2b-3eeb-4b6c-b196-aa6be921769d",
  "latitude": 1.23456,
  "longitude": -9.8765,
  "timestamp": "2020-01-01T01:02:03.456Z"