Create a Job

This method allows your system to create jobs in the Last-Mile Delivery Software. This means that the order is going to be sent for fulfillment to the picking/delivery app, it's going to be tracked on the LiveOps app, all the progress is going to be shown to users in the live status widget, and you will be able to track and operate jobs through this API.

Common scenario:

Once a client confirms the purchase of an order, you will want that order to be fulfilled.

Optional fields:

  • The contact_less object is used to create contactless orders in which the delivery driver does not physically interact with the client. The comment field inside this object should be one of LeaveInReception or LeaveAtTheDoor for full compatibility with our back office, but do note that these fields can be modified from the live status widget.
  • The job_comment field can be used to capture any general order comments by the client. Keep in mind that this field can be modified from the live status widget.
  • The add_delivery_code field can be used for security purposes and to lower fraud. If set to true, the driver will have to input a delivery code shown to the client in the live status widget (and sent in the webhooks) in order to complete the final step of the job.


  • Consume this from your backend and expose the information through your mobile/web API.
  • Associate the jobId with your order.
  • Make sure that the user completes the purchase before time expires. Otherwise, the Delivery Engine will respond with a 417 status code (Expectation Failed), and the client will need to select a new delivery slot.
  • Change in items, origin, or destination should trigger a new request for availability. If not, we can't guarantee the fulfillment of the job.
  "slot_id": "string",
  "client_reference": "string",
  "recipient": {
    "name": "string",
    "email": "string",
    "phone_number": "string",
    "identification": {
      "number": "string",
      "type": "string"
  "payment_info": {
    "currency_code": "string",
    "prices": {
      "order_value": 0,
      "shipping_fee": 0,
      "taxes": 0,
      "discounts": 0,
      "subtotal": 0,
      "attributes": [
          "type": "ORDER_VALUE",
          "name": "payment",
          "value": 45000
          "type": "ORDER_VALUE",
          "name": "other",
          "value": 450
      "additional_info": [
        "type": "adjustment",
        "name": "Reembolso",
        "value": "-5000"
        "type": "original_order_value",
        "name": "Valor Original",
        "value": "45000"
    "payment": {
      "id": "string",
      "payment_status": "string",
      "payment_status_details": "string",
      "method_details": "string",
      "blocking_policy": "string",
      "method": "string",
      "reference": "string",
      "value": 0,
      "metadata": {}
  "add_delivery_code": true,
  "job_comment": "string",
  "contact_less": {
    "comment": "string",
    "cash_receiver": "string",
    "phone_number": "string"
  "external_data": {
    "webhook": {
      "key": "string",
      "URL": "string"
    "backoffice": {
      "key": "string",
      "URL": "string"
    "shopper_app": {
      "key": "string",
      "URL": "string"
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