System that allows 3PLs (External Delivery Providers) to listen to the creation of delivery tasks (Deliver the order at home) and manage their status changes until delivery to the end user. It is composed of two endpoints (Create & Cancel) from the interested 3PL and two (Status & Position Update) exposed by Instaleap as seen in the following diagram



Authentication is with static token through the "Authorization" header in each HTTP request.


Static authentication

The token will be used only at the backend level. It must be securely stored by customers.

Authorization example:

Authorization :Bearer AXVubzpwQDU1dzByYM=907h6

Consequently, the interested 3PL will provide two URLs, one for Create, one for Cancel. In addition, you must provide an access token to these endpoints, it is suggested to use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols up to a maximum size of 50 characters, for security a random string of characters is suggested.

Likewise, Instaleap will provide the URLs for the Status and Position Update interactions along with a unique access token for each 3PL for both endpoints.

InteractionExposed byHTTP method
Position UpdateInstaleapPUT

Format in which the 3PL must send the URL and Api keys information to be created in Instaleap:

Create URL:
Update URL:
API Key: 011a7e1141ace65462dbf1ce595482ee

Create URL:
Update URL:
API Key: f1ce595482ee011a7e1141ace65462db