Events chat

Instaleap only reports the messages that originated on your side and destinated to the client.

The InstaLeap chat notifications webhook enables your system to show notifications related to the chat embedded on the Live Status Widget. Remember that a webhook works like a reverse API and you would have to provide a POST URL in which our systems are going to notify new messages. Each message sent by pickers, drivers, or support agents POST a new event to your endpoint.


Use the jobId to deep-link the push notification to the view in your app.

Security signature

WARNING: This signature is different than the signature of the job tracking webhook. In order to protect your systems from external attacks, InstaLeap signs the webhook events it sends to your endpoints. We do so by including a signature in each event’s InstaLeap-Signature-V3 header. This allows you to verify that the events were sent by InstaLeap, not by a third party. You can verify signatures using standard libraries such as crypto for NodeJS. The hash algorithm used is SHA-256 and it is hashed with a secret provided to you by InstaLeap for each environment.

How to check the signature?

To verify that the InstaLeap-Signature-V3 is valid, please follow these steps:

  1. Once you received the request, create a string joining timestamp, client_id, sender, and job_id by an & character from the event payload.
  2. Hash the string with the secret provided to you, using an SHA-256 algorithm.
  3. Compare the resulting hash with the InstaLeap-Signature-V3 header.
  4. If the signature is correct, process the event in your system.
    "client_id": "string",
    "created_at": "2021-08-05T00:54:27.918Z",
    "sender": "SH",
    "job_id": "string",
    "notification_message": "Hi my name is Jose"
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