Custom substeps names

You can customize the title of the substates of the order


Custom Names and Locales

Beware that custom names are not affected by locale configurations

We recommend configuring also the language parameter when using custom step names, to avoid mixing the language of the content, retrieved from the browser, and the titles you are presenting.

Specific configuration parameters

receivedParameter used to change the title of the Received substep (optional)

Default: Received
pickingParameter used to change the title of the Picking
substep (optional)

Default: Picking
goingToDestinationParameter used to change the title of the Going To Destination substep (optional)

Default: Going To Destination
deliveredParameter used to change the title of the Delivered substep (optional)

Default: Delivered
subStepPickedUpParameter used to change the title of the Picked Up substep (optional)
Default: Picked Up


URL Params Encoding

Remember that we require to comply with (UTF-8) encoding when sending query params. so that if your custom name string has whitespace, you should replace it with the symbol "%20".

ie: "received=Order Confirmed" => "received=Order%20Confirmed"

Usage Example

Consider the following example:

You will see the following content

Example when the state of the order is Picked Up